Training for assessing replicability

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TRAINING For Reproducibility Verification

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Training will occur virtually, through a combination of required self-study and live Zoom meetings.

  • The live part of the training will take place April 22, 2023, in person. Additional meetings will happen on the following days using Zoom.
  • If your application to the LDI Replication Lab was accepted, you will be receiving a calendar invite with the Zoom information soon.
  • All the remaining information here is open to anybody.
  • Content is License: CC BY-NC 4.0.

prior to Training

Please have a look at the list of tasks that should be accomplished before the first meeting.

Tentative Agenda

The training will start with an intensive (in person) day of lectures/discussions, followed by exercises that you will do on your own, with daily touch-base meetings over Zoom.

Items that are bolded are live meetings. Items that are italicized are in informal groups with peers, but live (in person or on Zoom). Other items are on your own time, but the time slot is the suggested time you should be doing them.

If you have not received an invitation and you think you should have, contact LDI.

Time April 22, 2023 (Room Ives 215)
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Introduction
10:00 A template README, Reproducible practices
11:00 Data provenance, data citations
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 What will you be doing in the Lab
14:00 Command line/Git/Markdown/Version control
15:00 A prototypical replication report
16:00 A walkthrough of the workflow for unpublished articles
17:00 How to run Stata code
18:00 End
Time April 24 (Zoom) April 28 (Zoom) May 1 May 4
8:00 Start on first article (Zoom) Follow-up on first test article Follow-up on second test article, introduce third test article Follow-up on third test article
Wrap-up of training, next steps (Zoom)
(self-paced) Work on first test article Work on second article Work on third article  
17:30 Introduce second test article
(Peer mentoring)
Introduce third test article
(Peer mentoring)
General questions
(Peer mentoring)
  Finish first test article Finish second test article Finish third test article  

And then, on May 8, Join the regular Lab meeting (17:30).

Full Training Materials

Please go to for the full training materials.